It's been a little busy over at GG lately. Where the heck have I been? Well, what do leggings, fashion week, and a kick-ass fall shopping list have in common? My life, over the past 3 (4? I've lost count) weeks. 

So, in case you missed all that jazz, grab yourself a glass of wine (or bottle, this might take awhile). I'm catching you up below! 

Fashion Essential: Black Leggings, 3 Ways

Yes,  we all acknowledge leggings to be the gateway drug that lead to our American Apparel obsession in college, but they've come so far since then. Don't believe me? My gal Stephanie will prove you wrong. She helped us style three amazing looks -- who knew basic leggings could be so freaking chic? 

Perfect for a fall afternoon, this look pairs leggings with a geometric poncho, riding boots, and a felt hat that's comfortable and put together. 
This look is sporty yet feminine and is perfect for a Sunday stroll through the park or a post yoga brunch with friends. 

The Everygirl's NYFW Street Style Report

The newest trends on the runway are fine and dandy, but let's be honest with ourselves. It's the street style shots that turn us all into creepy fashion week stalkers. Here are some of our favorite looks shot by the incredible Fiona Melder on the streets of NYC, just for us over at TEG! 

A great matching set makes me giddy! Pair yours with a thicker heel to keep things from looking too "sweet". 
Sometimes the heavy skirts and tight dresses feel like too much. Throw those away for chambray and some distressed denim instead. 
Lady-like with an edge. If midi skirts are too cutesy for your liking pair one with your favorite leather boots and you've gone from classy to sassy. 

Fall 2014 Trends and Essentials 

It's that time of year again (sigh). The weather in Chicago took a swift turn for the chilly this week and with it went all notions of summer. But when I saw these photos pop into my dropbox, I only had eyes for Pumpkin Spice lattes. Megan is completely killing it with these incredible fall looks. Be sure to head over and shop the full article! 

What have you been up to lately? 

Hey there, weekend!

There's something about Chicago as it first turns to fall that you truly can't find anywhere else. The city is cool (but not too cool) and breezy. As the weekend rolls around, the days are a little shorter, but everyone seems to have a buzz on life. Staying home is just not an option. Here are some highlights this weekend I can't wait for. 

image via

image via

1. Apple Fest

Apples are supposedly one of the best fruits for your body, so anything apple related is good for you right? I believe it. On Saturday on the 4700 block of Lincoln Avenue in Ravenswood there will be everything from candy apples to apple cider to apple pizza! Find more info here.

2. Design Harvest Festival

Described as a "mecca for designers and design enthusiasts," this little festival is not one to miss. Be sure to find my friends over at Chicago Vintage Weddings, who will be debuting some of their to-die-for (but really) vintage pieces (think furniture, clothes, jewelery, table decor, and more!) at this flea market style showcase on Saturday! You'll recognize them as the wildly talented ladies behind this garden party. A portion of their proceeds will go towards local animal rescue organizations, and there will even be a few adorable pups running around looking to be adopted (if this isn't reason enough to go). Puppies and vintage? Where do I sign? 

3. Liven Up Your Music Library, Quick

One of fall's most anticipated albums, Alt J's This is All Yours, is here at last. Okay, actually, it doesn't officially drop until Tuesday the 23rd (you can preorder it don't worry), but this catchy yet soulful group of Brits will keep you cozy for months to come I promise. Take a listen to their latest single "Left Hand Free" while you sip your Saturday morning coffee. 

4. Be Peachy

Peaches have always been one of my summer obsessions. Snatch up the last ones of the season and try this super easy "Peach Frozen Yogurt" recipe that my right hand gal, Gabby (more on her later!),  attempted and absolutely loved. It takes all of 5 minutes, and is the perfect foolproof healthy sweet treat. 

5. Get Dosed!

You better believe I'm hitting up the return of one of Chicago's best vendor fests, Dose Market! This one is going to be the most kick-ass Dose you've ever seen, showcasing the finest food + fashion (and tons more) in the city this Sunday in the West Loop. Check out all of the fabulous vendors and preorder tickets here. Will I see you there? 

What are you up to this weekend?